Littlewags dog training school is run by Lisa Jones. Lisa has an foundation degree in pet behaviour and training and is very proud to have gotten a distinction in her results! Lisa is an affiliate member of CAPBT (COAPE association of pet behaviourists and trainers). CAPBT members follow the most scientific training methods and because all CAPBT trainers are also trained behaviourists, all the training is backed up by an understanding of your dog’s brain.

Lisa is also a professional member of APDT (The Association of Pet Dog Trainers Ireland). APDT professional members are comprehensively assessed to ensure that they meet acceptable standards in dog training and conform to the APDT ethos of using reward-based, dog-friendly training methods, never resorting to damaging, punitive, pain or fear-inducing techniques.

Lisa is also a proud member of the the Pet Professional Guild.  The Pet Professional Guild members focus on each pet’s physical, mental, environmental and nutritional well-being and take a holistic approach to the care and training of family pets.

Lisa keeps up with her learning and further education and has attended many seminars on dog behaviour such as Canine body language/dog to human aggression by Sarah Whitehead, Leash reactivity in dogs-from cause to cure by Sarah Kalnajs and working with fearful dogs, separation anxiety and dog to dog play with Nicole Wilde.

Lisa lives in Dublin, Ireland with her 3 dogs; Molly, a cross breed, Lilly a west highland terrier and Bobby a yorkshire terrier and her two children!



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